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Bodas de sangre, ...que la culpa es de la tierra.
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Espertanto arises from the word "wait" and the phrase "meanwhile", ideas that govern our lives: waiting first and foremost, for everything and everything. Together with the second sentence, it encourages and invites us to action, to remain patient and let our dreams materialize without forgetting to be in constant movement and do everything to achieve them.

About us?

Our online writing school and agency is a materialized idea of our founder, Marlene Amaya; in 2016, who has youI always have the fervent idea that"We are the mold of creativity and learning, the main ingredient for that gelatin of creation to set". 

La palabrista
Marlene Amaya
Director of Esperanto

Communicologist by profession, writer and broadcaster by conviction.
Graduated from the Communication Sciences career with a specialty in Script for Stop Motion animation at Graco Films of the Churubusco Azteca Studios. Recently graduated from the master's degree in audiovisual script creation at the International University of La Rioja (Spain) and specialized in voiceover and dubbing at Enaloc México. 

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